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Movie Title: BONUS CHECK



​The company Jonathan Darling works for will soon close its doors because of job outsourcing. Scheduled to close on his dream home and marry the love of his life within three months, he is given the news no severances or bonuses will be paid out. He enlisted the help of four friends and a wildcard to get his earned bonus, but a series of mishaps threaten to derail his plan 

List of Characters



  • Extras - (person) Male & Female - 18+ years - energetic with acting range to dispaly various personalities base upon the needs of a particular scene.
  • Wife - (role) Female - 25+ years - charismatic personality, educated and is often seen with a glass and a bottle of wine in her hands.
  • Girlfriend - (role) Female - 18+ years - willing to do any or everything for her partner. has daddy issues and constantly asking the question, when will we get married?
  • Exotic Dancer - (role) Female - 18+ years - energetic with jaw dropping dance moves. women love to hate her but men wants to be with her.
  • Waitress - (role) Female - 18+ years - very bad at her job but to valuable to fire. Has big dreams of how she will win the lotto and move far away.
  • Nosy Neighbor - (role) Male / Female - 35+ years - always looking thru windows or knocking on doors trying to get information about what was seen or heard.
  • Company Security - (role) Male & Female - 25+ years - loves their job, wakes up wishing something will happen on a daily so they get to put their training to use.
  • Human Resources - (role) Female - 25+ years - a by the book no none sense type personality.
  • Truck Vender - (role) Male - 30+ years - he has the best sandwhiches and other food in town.
  • Church Pastor - (role) Male - 30+ years - always trying to save souls 24/7 but more of a do as I say not as I do type.
  • Fitness Instructor - (role) Female - 25+ years - workout warrior with astonishing beauty and single. 

How to apply

  1. Submit a photo of yourself as an attachment to your email to us.
  2. Make a video of yourself that includes the information from questions #4 - #15 so we can create a in house acting profile of you.
  3. Upload your video to your YouTube or Vimeo account. They both gives an option to make video private or public. If you make your video private, make sure that you email us the correct link to view your audition video. Not doing so will make your submission incomplete and we will omit your submission.
  4. Your Full Name: (legal birth name)
  5. Your Stage Name (who you would like to be known as)
  6. Location: (city and state only)
  7. Age: (age you will turn in 2018)
  8. Gender: (whatever gender you consider yourself to be now)
  9. Height: (with or without shoes)
  10. Race: (whatever nationality you claim)
  11. Phone: (best contact number, specify cell, home or other)
  12. Acting experience if any: (commercials, theater, shorts, film or none)
  13. Role(s) you are applying for? Give us details on why you feel that you will be perfect for that role. 
  14. Feel free to share any details about your passion or experiences in acting.
  15. Email your submission from your primary email account and add to your email contacts to prevent responses going to bulk or other folders. Please allow 72 hours response time.